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3 Questions To Ask Before Applying For Scholarships

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Education has become one of the most important and costly assets in today's world. The costs associated with obtaining educational preparation for workforce development and college have risen in the last decade. Therefore, students are often tasked with searching for financial support to cover continuing education preparation so they can follow their career dreams [1].

In most scenarios, scholarships are the most desired form of financial assistance. Unlike grants or student loans, this scholarly gift has no repayment. It is an investment in the student and often comes with a network of support.

Are you thinking about applying for scholarships to assist in your studies? Ask yourself these three questions before and during the application process. It will give you clarity and point you in the right direction.

When do I apply?

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Knowing when to apply for a scholarship depends on the deadline and the time limit for each award. Begin by planning ahead. Use free scholarship databases as a starting point to identify scholarships and deadlines. Don’t forget to look for programs in niches that apply to you, i.e., pitches, poems, paintings, etc. Make a list that you can update and keep up with for references.

If it's a collegiate scholarship, deadlines are as early as a year before college begins. Students should be looking for and applying for scholarships during the summer before their junior and senior high school [2].

How do I Increase My Chances Of Earning a Scholarship?

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You can do several things to increase your chances of earning a scholarship. The number one factor is being you! Find out some of your passions by trying new things in various fields, even if they don't seem to relate. Explore and learn from your experiences. This will build your leadership skills.

It's important to provide all of the requested documents when applying and to spend plenty of time writing and proofreading the application. This displays your ability to follow directions and adhere to deadlines.

What Should I Include In My Scholarship Essay?

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High school students should mention anything that makes them stand out. If it's important to your studies, share it! Scholarship grantors want to know why they should invest in you instead of another applicant. Use your essay as an opportunity to show your strengths and express how much of an asset you will be to their school or program. Describe your academic accomplishments in detail, goals, interests, extracurricular activities, and how the scholarship can contribute to your success [3].

Since scholarships have become such an essential part of educational preparation for most students, the benefits of applying for assistance are endless. When applying for scholarships, the keys to success are applying early, having a plan, following directions and asking yourself important questions that will set you apart to stand out. Lastly, believe in your ability to thrive and learn at any level.

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