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Where Passion Meets Analytics In Education

What We Do

KidAlytics is specifically geared toward teaching the practice of using and interpreting analytics. Our courses are immersed in critical thinking and strategic planning to improve understanding of the analytics process across disciplines. Our courses help to develop competitive skills for college and prepare students to compete for internships, competitions, and certifications. We are not about crunching numbers, we are breaking down and understanding where, how, and what data means. Creating high-level thinkers that are equipped to navigate and lead in this information data-driven world. 

Analytics Exploration

Curious about what data analytics is? We offer the opportunity for live online training for students in grades 8 thru 12. Students learn concepts and methods of data analytics to visualize and interpret data structure. This exploration applies concepts to practical problems and usage i.e AI, politics, social media, bias, misinformation & disinformation.  In this data-driven world, we are living in and teens were born in, it's important to understand how to leverage data in every aspect.


Class sizes are kept small to ensure attention is given to each student. Skills learned during the course better prepares students for research, writing, and presentations.  KidAlytics students have a greater advantage when applying to college and internships because of their exposure. Students exercise critical thinking, strategic planning, and social-emotional learning to navigate this digital world, which is steps above the curve. Learning with peers from around the country fosters relationships and scholarship for a lifetime.  

Who Is KidAlytics

Founded to address the educational skills gap that exists between grades 8 thru 12 grade.  We provide analytics training that aids in matriculation into higher education or job placement or the creation of pipelines.  Through expanding upon current pedagogy with new models by developing student's understanding of the analytical skills used every day verbally and non verbally. KidAlytics is committed to the long-term goal of equity, equality, and access to education.


  • 5 Weeks Live Virtual Course

Specialized content and materials encouraging students' growth in analytics.  Engaging students through the mediums of games, competitions, case studies, research, industry speakers, and secure login to our learning management system. 

  • Individual, group, and organization curated sessions and courses in analytics. 

    • development, planning, and training


  • Specialized sessions developed with Collaborators to bring industry knowledge and access to students to build an ecosystem of support.   


Want to know more about our programs. Schedule a call, let's begin your road map to innovation with analytics and STEM.    

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