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Igniting Data-Driven Futures
for Today's Innovators

KidAlytics is a micro-credentialing platform that teaches data science to youth and young adults to help students become data competent to be employable across industries with data analytics skills. We integrate the practice of using and interpreting analytics in critical thinking and strategic planning courses to improve their understanding of the analytics process and communication. Our courses help develop competitive college skills and prepare students to compete for internships, competitions, and credentials. We are more than numeracy in this digital world; we are breaking down and understanding where, how, and what data means in all mediums—creating high-level thinkers that are equipped to navigate and lead in this information-data-driven world. 

Online Communicatons
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Track Your Progress

Understand data by doing.  Get the data practice needed to develop skills.  KidAlytics curriculum is designed to accompany our live sessions and while on the go.  Lessons are cross-discipline exercises designed with engagement to be done alone, with the family, after school, and in the classroom.  Students learn how to process analytic concepts while developing their passions.

Connect Your Passion

Experience analytics and discover how you explore these concepts every day.  You already speak the language of analytics when you talk about health, news, video games, and sports statistics.  Analytics is in everything we do.


  • Leadership

  • Social Justice

  • Business

  • Aerospace

  • Mis/disinformation

  • Education

  • STEM

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • AI

Define Your Intrest

Pursue excellence in analytics education in and out of the classroom, cultivating connections through critical thinking.  KidAlytics offers topics that build on teens' current analytical skills and knowledge to expand their thought processes through data and research enhancing their digital literacy skills.  


  • Course Modes: Live online and In-person training

  • Key Skills: Data visualization, interpretation, critical thinking, strategic planning, and social-emotional learning

  • Real-World Applications: AI, politics, social media, understanding of bias, misinformation, and disinformation. Experiential and problem-based learning.

  • Additional Benefits: Enhanced research, learning analytics tools, writing, and presentation skills; an advantage when applying for colleges or internships; and building relationships with peers from around the country.

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About Us

Founded in 2020, out of a necessity to bridge the widening digital divide and the existing K-12 educational skills gap in data analytics. We align education with real-world industry demands, creating a seamless conduit into higher education or career placements. We provide analytics training beyond traditional pedagogy, ingraining students with crucial digital literacy and analytics skills. We strive for equity, equality, and accessibility in education, particularly in the digital domain. Our vision is to ensure that every student is well-equipped with the proper tools, social capital, and human capital.  


  • 6-8 Weeks Live Courses 

    • Specialized content and materials encouraging students' growth in analytics.  Engaging students through mediums of games, competitions, case studies, research, and masterclass speakers.

  • Individual, group, and organization-curated sessions and courses in analytics. 

    • development, planning, and training


  • Specialized sessions developed with Collaborators to bring industry knowledge and access to students to build an ecosystem of support.   


Want to know more about our programs? Schedule a call, and let's begin your road map to innovation with analytics and STEM.    

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