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Social Impact Initiative

Your contribution is a commitment to long-term growth: equity to access innovative education, technology, life, college preparation skills, and opportunities in all industries.


We are building a network that is a multiple-touch ecosystem. However, a community of scholarship among leaders and future leaders in analytics in all professions.  This is a commitment to building equity in education to achieve equality.   Cultivating experiences that spark the mind of youth in preparation for college and life.

Join us in helping to connect with more students who need access. Collaborations afford students access to tangible resources, relationships, and events aiding in leadership success and learning development. 

Leave a lasting impact.

The gaps in education that exist for students have only been exacerbated by COVID-19.  Let’s not leave any student behind by teaching skills that are increasingly in demand in every industry of study. The urgency for scholarship and sponsorship is at an all-time high.  Please join us in educating and preparing the current and next generation of leaders for the future of work.  


Create Legacy

It's an effective way to contribute to students, families, and communities.


Pay it Forward

Sponsored children have a better chance of finishing their education as costs rise.

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Affordable way to make a substantial difference that will impact a student for a lifetime.

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