Social Impact Initiative


The KidAlytics Social Impact Initiative Scholarships are a long term commitment to providing access to education through scholarships, sponsors, partners, stakeholders and leaders within networks and communities.  A inclusive network built on the core competencies of critical thinking and strategic planing skills in analytics and technology across borders.

Identify and provide scholarship and academic support to 8th grade and high school students who aspire to learn more about Analytics and STEM fields.

Gives access to vital educational resources and membership to highly capable young people. Cultivating skill sets that will prepare them for successful careers in a variety of professions.



All Students

To be considered for a KidAlytics Scholarship, you must: be in middle school 8th grade or high school and meet income requirements.  Demonstrate a passion for analytics, technology and STEM.

  • Demonstrate leadership at school or in the community.

  • Be a US citizen

  • Must not have reached the age of 18.

  • Financial need based on free and reduced lunch status.

  • The application is open to 8th grade and high school students.


  • Full Scholarship: Eligibility Free School Lunch Program 

  • Partial Scholarship: Eligibility Reduced School Lunch Program

How To Apply

To apply for a KidAlytics Scholarship Program, submit your application online through the link below or above.  Scholarships are accepted on a rolling bases.

Picture of yourself.

Picture must be in color.



  • In no more than 250 words, describe what your interests are and how analytics can help you grow your knowledge and be an addition to your current education.



Proof of Eligibility: Lunch Status  (If status is not upload at time of application. Upon wining proof of status will be verified.) 



Illustrated Laptop