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Pandemic Learning: 3 Necessary Virtual Supplies

As families adjust to learning, cohabitation, and increased technology usage, these 3 supplies should be added to the list in adjusting to pandemic learning. Whether its going back to school and work, or back to virtual learning and work these supplies are for adolescents' and parents'.

1. Ergonomic Chair:

Health and Well being

Perfect investment and a great gift for any adolescents' health and well being. Ergonomic chairs are becoming especially important as we continue to move forward in the 21st Century. With growing screen time usage increasing every year, students' posture will become more of a hot topic. Promoting proper sitting and posture techniques in children early is essential to proper alignment of the shoulder, hips and spine, while reducing slouching.

2. Presentation Clicker:

Workforce Development

Virtual learning is the sign of the time, a time where a presentation clicker is synonymous to a pencil. It adds an extra layer of movement needed to communicate, i.e. a student standing and moving while presenting virtually. This engagement strengthens skills in stage presence, presentation, confidence, public speaking and can communicate passion for the topic. All aiding in continued preparation of life skills for workforce development.

3. Extra Headphones with Microphone: Consciousness

Respecting others in common spaces, virtual classroom, home, library, etc. can simply mean having a pair of headphones. Parents don’t need to hear their kids' instructions, while they simultaneously work and vice versa. Being conscious of others and surroundings allows for concentration without interruption to everyone's workflow. Whether you buy the most expensive to the cheapest or in between, having extra headphones in your tool kit will elevate stress and that consciousness will hold accountability.

As school and work begin to intertwine, adolescents' and adults' face many of the same stressors. These 3 virtual supplies during pandemic learning may be pivotal in adjusting to learning and completing work. Health and well being, workforce development, and consciousness is assessing an individual's needs to thrive. KidAlytics embodies this approach in re-imaging analytics education ingrained in critical thinking, strategic planning, and social emotional learning. In this data driven world begin to re-image and re-purpose tools to help in building future of work skills during pandemic learning.


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