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Back to School Tips: Defeat Procrastination

Your deadline is approaching and your focus is diverted from your work to miscellaneous activities such as checking email, social media, watching videos, and browsing through blogs and forums. Despite knowing you should be working, you just don't want to.

Procrastination is a well-known phenomenon. We procrastinate by wasting our free time and delaying important tasks until they're too late. Panic and regret over not getting started earlier intensifies.

People who are chronic procrastinators spend years trapped in this cycle. They delay, putting off things, slack, hide from work, and only face it when they have no choice but to do so. These habits delay them from reaching their full potential.

Below are some steps on how to avoid procrastinating:

1. Optimize your work environment.

A poor work atmosphere can make you postpone work, whilst a positive work environment can boost your productivity. As a result, you should strive to make your workplace better by making it a location where you can concentrate on your task easily. Chronic procrastinators should pay special attention to this since they typically have a tendency to accumulate a lot of clutter, which they find difficult to get rid of even though they believe it decreases their quality of life. If this is a problem, tidying up your workspace will make you feel better, which will increase focus on work.

2. Eliminate distractions

3. Gamify your behavior

4. Create Streaks

5. Reward yourself

6. Take breaks

7. Reflect and improve

Procrastination can be difficult to overcome, but if willing to take the required measures to formulate a solid plan of action and then put in the effort to carry out the plan of action, you have a very high chance of succeeding in doing so.

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