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Connect Your Passion

Experience analytics and discover how you explore these concepts every day.  You already speak the language of analytics when you talk about health, news, video games, and sports statistics.  Analytics is in everything we do.

  • 5 Week Course
  • 2 Sessions a Week
  • Professional Guest Speakers


Define You Interests

We pursue excellence in analytics education in and out of the classroom, cultivating connections through critical thinking.  KidAlytics offers topics that build on teens' current analytical skills and knowledge to expand their thought processes through data and research.   

  • Leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Social Justice
  • STEM
  • Gaming 
  • Social Media
  • Business
  • Education

Track Your Progress

We understand that learning is about doing. But we all need practice to develop our skills.  That's why KidAlytics has designed extra materials to go along with our live curriculum through our Learning Management System.  You will have access to these materials and for a period of time after course completion. Our lessons are full of cross-discipline exercises and can be done alone or with the family. Teens will learn how to process through analytic concepts while developing their passions.


  • Secure login to lessons
  • Case Studies
  • Gamification & Certificates

Commitment to Excellence 

Preparing now this generation and the next for the future of work. 

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence in education with analytics, inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and strategic planning while emphasizing the learning process over rote memorization. Equipping students with the ability to tell stories using data to visualize and innovate, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for their future. 

Social Impact

Social Impact Initiative
Scholarships & Collaborators


Give access to quality education and experts, creating experiences for a lifetime.


Learn hard and soft skills that translate across fields of study, industry, and innovation.


Make an impact on students, families, and communities. Plant a seed and watch it grow.

Reimagine Education
Reimagine Education

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Our Impact
Our Impact

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Thank You!
Thank You!

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Reimagine Education
Reimagine Education

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