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Data Mind I

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Track I: Data Analytics Bootcamp (Mon/Wed/Fri)

  • Started Jul 8
  • 437 US dollars
  • Online


Overview: In an industry where the global data analytics market is projected to grow by 27.6% in the next 6 years, the reliance on data and predictive analytics is at an all-time high. The Data Mind Bootcamp is designed to address these emerging needs. The curriculum is anchored around fundamental and advanced data techniques, from collecting data, to analytics and data storytelling to data visualization. Emphasizing practical applications and a understanding of data ethics and governance, this program prepares you to become ready for college and the workforce, equipped to handle and interpret real world problems with data effectively. Curriculum: Over the course of 5 weeks, learners will acquire the skills necessary to understand key data methodologies, such as data analysis, data modeling, and data visualization while utilizing industry-standard tools to handle and interpret datasets effectively. *Introduction to Data *Importance of Data in The Modern World *Data Visualization and Storytelling *Data Ethics and Governance Project Showcase: Apply all the skills and knowledge you have gained throughout the bootcamp in a comprehensive portfolio project. This final project challenges you to solve a real-world data analytics problem, from initial data gathering to final presentation. The showcase will be held late August/September where students will gather to present their projects to our supportive community for feedback and collaboration. Get a head start on how to leverage across data science and data analytics fields in this summer bootcamp for teens. You will learn how data and STEM are changing the landscape of innovation. Develop your data literary skills to become unstoppable. Age: 14- 18 (Rising, advanced & mature 13 year old) Location: Virtual Track I: July 8 - August 9, 2024 Monday & Wednesday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM CT Labs Friday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT Original Price: $625 Limited Time 30% Off


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(312) 324-4627

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