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Analytics Creating The Future Workforce Now

The world is changing. Society has shifted from an industrial-based economy to one that relies on analytics, technology, and data science for its future prosperity. Given the rapid changes in society's work force, it is important to start investing in education reform now so students can be prepared for what lies ahead. To reimagine education for students the focus must contain upskilling across industries with analytics early in life if they are going to create and innovate.

Analytics is the language of data. The educational system needs to keep up with incorporating new pedagogy that includes how we work and what the future of work will be. There is no time like now to start piloting programs that align with industry because educational standards often fall behind technology disruption.

With technology evolving at a fast pace, up-skilling aids in learning development so youth can create their own path. As our world changes drastically, every day, with new technologies constantly being created and introduced.

How do we keep up? We help students through collaboration and advocacy. While school districts are often slowed by policy reform that specifics aligning educational standards, that's slow to adapt rapidly evolving industries and experts. There are benefits and opportunities in schools collaborating with programs that offer career technical training (CTE) in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) embedded with analytics.

Students do not simply desire to use technology. They wan to learn skills that will enable them to create ideas of their own. Today's learners want to learn to understand how to implement these skills into forms of opportunity in post-graduation stages or during pre-college years.

There is urgency for investments in education reform that allocates equity to prepare students for what lies ahead! No one knows where this road will lead, it's different than anything we have faced. This new workforce has to understand the standards of analytics as their native tongue, to be able to create in the world that's growing to new lengths never reached physically and digitally. The vision may not be clear of the magnitude of employees needed to be prepared. However, we do know this workforce will need data skills.


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